A Beginner’s Guide to Soca Dance Exercise Classes

When you walk into our Socacize Fitness Soca dance class, the first thing you’ll get handed is a colorful rug, or to put it simply, a handkerchief. The handkerchief is not a cute way to add your favorite colors to your aerobic workout outfit.

It serves two major purposes. First, calls to wave rags are an integral part of our Soca dance exercise classes and every power Soca song you hear. Second, while you jump wine & wave, you will be happy to have a piece of cloth handy to wipe the sweat that’ll be running off your body by the time the Soca dance party ends.

That’s the primary reason Soca dance fitness classes are considered practical workout sessions. These Caribbean music inspired dance moves are a cardio workout suitable for all fitness levels. You also get an intense full-body workout in the fitness class while having fun.

What’s a Soca dance workout?

Soca is a fast, more upbeat offspring of the popular calypso (soul of calypso). Both music genres originated in Trinidad & Tobago and are now found throughout the Caribbean and different regions worldwide. Combining this popular Caribbean music genre and various exercise moves creates high-impact, exciting routines that electrify Soca dance fitness classes.

And Ayanna Lee-Rivears has it in spades –  throughout the class hyping up participants, all while flashing that infectious, pearly-white smile. She credits her passion for Soca dance exercise classes to her Trinidad roots. “In Trinidad, we’re such energetic people… it’s really insane. Most people who enroll in our Soca dance exercise classes find me and other students so energetic. And that’s our culture. That’s who we are in the Caribbean.”

Soca dance exercise classes – what to expect

Soca dance fitness classes usually harness the dynamism of various dance styles into a cardio workout to get your hips moving, heart pumping and whip your core into that beach-ready shape you crave. Ayanna always promotes a fun Socacze dance workout or Soca dance party, whether it’s your first time or even umpteenth time.

So if you want to spice up your workout regimen, throwing in a “feel-happy” dance fitness workout or a body cardio dance workout will be helpful. Remember, Socacize teaches you to move various parts of your body to the rhythm and focuses on your core and having fun. Ayanna recommends it to people who already dance Soca but intend to take classes with other lovers of the genre. After all, it’s an exciting experience.

Why take a Soca dancing class today?

The benefits of Caribbean dance & fitness extend beyond fitness and fun, says Ayanna. The Caribbean dance workout expert believes that Socacize also leave you feeling good about yourself. She reassures her students and other people who may be hesitant about taking theSocacize  class: “you shouldn’t feel intimidated. Socacize is all about dancing and enjoying yourself freely with your dance instructors.”

Final thoughts

Socacize classes create an excellent opportunity for you to get an essential dance experience and achieve your fitness goals. Remember, Caribbean dance rhythms are fun, fulfilling, and full of surprises, so much that you are likely to forget you are actually working out.