Are Socacize Sessions Different from Zumba Classes?

If your workout routine is getting a little stale, adding some dance workouts can help breathe new life. Dance is a unique form of entire body expression; the reason dance workouts are a great way to relieve anxiety and stress. Dance workouts are deeply rooted in the music and allow you to get out of your head while enjoying the music and expressing your creativity.

Suppose you can’t catch your favorite dance fitness classes in a dance studio (or fitness studio) right now; there are still many options for you online. You can get great Socacize sessions, African dance movements, Zumba classes, and other dance lessons online. But before you sign up for any dance fitness workout session, ensure you have an idea of how Soca dance is different from Zumba.

Soca dance workout vs. Zumba

Soca dance (or Socacize) is a creative blend of the Caribbean and African dance approaches incorporated into effective fitness moves to create a unique and exhilarating fitness program. It features one-of-a-kind workouts such as Socacize jam sessions, weights ‘wine & tone’ two-hour boot camps, and more. Indeed, Socacize sessions set the stage for people of all ages and fitness to participate and benefit from a fun-packed, full-body workout.

Zumba classes often combine Latin dance music with international music to create upbeat music and a creative blend of dance experiences similar to Socacize.

Styles and techniques

Generally, Zumba classes and Socacize sessions greatly vary in the techniques and styles used. For instance, Socacize implements dancing workouts combined with Soca music for a somewhat high-energy workout session. It involves different workout sessions, but the movements are similar to Caribbean dancing styles.

On the other hand, Zumba classes are inspired by international and Latin music. 

Competence level

One great thing about Socacize sessions is that they cater to all fitness levels, including beginners. Even inactive seniors with or without dancing experience can enjoy participating in such dance classes. After all, seniors only need to specify what they need and follow the instructors.

The more time you invest in Socacize sessions, the more you become healthy and physically fit. These dance fitness classes also offer a broad range of social benefits as they allow you to interact with your instructors and other participants.

Why take a Soca dance class?

Heart-pumping soundtracks and hip-shaking music are central to aerobic dance workouts, but a unique dance fitness program delivers a unique spin by incorporating Caribbean-inspired music and dance moves. Popularly known as Socacize, this high-energy exercise regimen blends high and low-impact aerobics with fun-packed Caribbean dance styles.

Sure, many people want to stay healthy and physically fit nowadays. Is there a better way to achieve this than adding Soca dance to your workout routine? In a true, full-body workout, your arms must be in sync with your footwork, transitioning from skyward to side sway movements, hand & wrist circles as well as shoulder rolls. There is no letting up even as the Socacize session nears its end with floor work, putting your core muscles and balance abilities to test with various workouts.

Final thoughts

Nearly anyone can enjoy Socacize classes. Depending on the specific dance fitness classes you choose, you will realize that your instructor will push you, and you’ll enjoy every minute.