Soca Dance Class: Wave, Jump, & Wine your Way to Fitness & Wellness

There is something unique about grooving to the sound of Soca music that takes all your cares away. Maybe it’s the fast, upbeat rhythm of this music genre or the heart-pumping Caribbean dance workouts that gets you off the couch. Perhaps it’s the challenge of mastering the fast-paced, more complicated Caribbean dance steps that brings so much joy.

Regardless of your reasons to join Socacize fitness classes, one thing is for sure; the emotional, physical, and mental benefits of a Socacize class are endless. Whether you’re 70 years young or 17 years old, engaging in Socacize changes you.

Wave, jump, & wine

Soca dance class workout is a Soca music-based essential dance experience that offers you the chance to wave, jump, and wine to the upbeat music and break a sweat. Carefully designed to make you dance, it’s a full-body workout with rhythms to make you dance, fitness routines to burn up to 1000 calories, tone muscle, lose inches & boost confidence! 

Indeed, Soca dance is a high-intensity workout (high-energy dance class) intended to make you feel like you are at a Caribbean-style carnival. The Bootcamp Jam program is a two-hour workout session full of vitamin F – Fun!  It focuses on high-impact aerobic exercises while incorporating waist-emphasized movements, popularly known to most Caribbean people as wine.

During the Socacize fitness class, professional dance instructors offer you the opportunity to learn dance moves and hear the latest Soca soundtracks. These classes often begin with warm-up sessions and move to high-intensity, non-stop dance workouts. Similar to Zumba and other dance classes, the Soca dance class incorporates different movements, songs, and encourages group participation.  What’s the main difference between Zumba and other dance classes?

It is an all-inclusive Soca wellness program or fitness course that can be customized depending on your needs and something that people of different age groups can take. Indeed, a Soca dance class is designed for nearly everyone who comes along, and the more you do it, the more you love it and become more comfortable with the class.  Socacize incorporates all music from the Caribbean (Soca, Calypso, Chutney, Zouk, Reggae, Dancehall, etc.)  

More than just a dance class

Along with the waving, jumping, and wining, these practical dance sessions help burn calories, improve coordination, and increase endurance. So if you’re bored with your bicycle or hitting the gym weekly, fun-packed Soca dance workouts may be just as helpful for burning calories and losing weight as jogging and cycling.

Researchers have also found that dancing sparks more stamina, better mood, and extra oomph of vitality. When you begin dancing, your brain releases dopamine, endorphins, and adrenaline, causing a powerful and lasting impact – energized optimism.

The adrenaline often makes you feel powerful, endorphins bring you joy, and dopamine generates hope. This cocktail of brain chemicals boosts your energy and mood, giving you a chance to experience better social interactions while setting you for a better version of yourself.

Dance first, think later.

This famous quote by Samuel Beckett may have been onto something because some routines can open your emotional and mental floodgates, enabling you to think clearly and tune in to yourself better. By consciously participating in a Soca dance class (putting your body in motion), you give yourself a 360-degree psychological reset. This reset can be cathartic, transforming, and support natural healing.

Indeed, the dance floor gives an invitation to unapologetically practice taking up your space while appreciating other people around you. We could use this in today’s fast-paced world, don’t you think?

Final thoughts

Dancing is a timeless practice that’s still used to celebrate, create, communicate, and more. In addition to making you feel great at the moment, Soca dance plays a crucial role in helping achieve fitness goals and setting you up to be a better version of yourself.