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Dance Exercise Classes

Dancing decreases stress and improves your mood. By dancing, you increase your cardiovascular strength and fitness level while offering you a sense of encouragement and community. Our dance classes ensure you learn a new routine and get better every time class is in session. We offer the best online dance classes suited for people of all ages and needs.

We have the best dance workout classes, engaging and taught by instructors. We offer streaming options for those who cannot come to the dance studio. We have classes cut out for all levels, and we offer various dance styles according to their needs.


Most of our best workout dance classes have free trials and free videos so that you can try them before you commit. You can sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription when you decide which classes are ideal for you. Our annual subscription helps you save more money in the long run. Our monthly subscription is ideal for those who want to opt-in and out.


Our online dance instructors are well trained in sports medicine and fitness-related courses. They create the best online dance classes through several criteria such as fitness levels, workout variety, schedule time for live classes, video quality, and on-demand content. We are also keen on accessibility and platform navigation.

Advanced Classes

We have dance workout classes for those looking for a dance career or learning moves for videography projects. The class focuses on people who are already skilled at dancing and are looking to learn more moves or perfect the ones they already have. Our instructors teach you every dance step and routine from all angles. Every level has thorough instructions and customized dance style tutorials. For this class, we do not offer live classes. If you are yearning to learn TikTok dances, this is the perfect class for you. Our online platform has over 900 classes taught by our instructors. Our tutorials have switch view options that enable you to loop moves, control the speed and watch specific sections.


We have a beginner’s class where we offer dancing, HIIT, yoga, strength training, and taebo. Our instructors are engaging, inspiring, and entertaining. They understand that dancing is a skill that can be acquired through constant practice; therefore, they are patient, kind, and accommodative. Our classes are shorter because we understand beginners need time before getting used to the routine. The classes are more about getting a workout while having fun. We have 30 minute long live classes daily where the instructor will call out your name often.

Heart Pumping dance Workout

We cater to clients who do not require rigid dance moves but need powerful cardiovascular workouts. The class incorporates freestyle moves, yoga, Pilates, and release moves. It leaves you feeling Zen and sweaty. We have several live workouts which last an hour per session, allowing you to work with your schedule. If you miss the live workouts, we also have on-demand classes. This workout focuses on breathing techniques, freestyle dance, heart-pumping moves, and Pilates. We give several breaks to breathe in and control your heartbeat between the exercises.

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Dance Exercise Classes
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Dance Exercise Classes
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Dance Exercise Classes Dance Exercise Classes
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