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personal trainer Sarasota

personal trainer Sarasota

David Virkus at Strength and Movement offers the best personal training to individuals struggling to lose weight and build strength. David is a highly sought-after personal trainer in Sarasota with several years of experience and hundreds of positive reviews.

Best ways to burn fat fast

Burning excess fat can be a daunting task, especially for those with BMI over 25. Start strength training by doing body-weight exercises, lifting weights, and working out using other gym equipment. Strength training helps build muscle mass, increases strength, and helps burn fat. Engaging in strength training and moderate aerobic exercises for 12 weeks' can help you reduce body fat.

In addition to a workout plan, you also need to include plenty of protein-rich foods in your diet to curb your cravings, maintain a healthy appetite, and burn fat effectively. Work with a fitness coach or personal trainer to help you lose your excess body fat and attain a sleek, slim, and healthy body.

Exercises to build your core

Your core or trunk includes back muscle, abdominal muscles, obliques, transverse abdominis, and multifidus. Strengthening these muscles is crucial to support your spine and stabilize your body. Here are some of the exercises that can help improve your core strength:

  • Bridge - The bridge activates your glutes, tones your thighs and butt, and trains your core.
  • Crunches - Crunches strengthen your abdominal muscles, works the obliques, and tightens the belly. If you are yearning for six-pack abs, then crunches are the best way to get there.
  • Plank - This full-body exercise works all the muscles in your body, strengthens your spine, abdominal muscles, and helps improve posture.

Core exercises are an essential part of an integrated fitness program. Core exercises improve your balance, stability, and helps tone your abs.

Easy weight loss tips

While there are several shortcuts to losing weight quickly, they may not yield sustainable results. Here are some weight loss tips that can help you burn calories naturally:

  1. Alter your diet - Instead of making drastic dietary changes, make minor amends to your current eating plan to cut back on your caloric intake. For starters, reduce the sugar, starch, and carbohydrates in your everyday diet, and replace it with plenty of proteins, healthy fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Get into the habit of working out - You need to engage in physical exercise to burn fat and lose weight effectively. Work with an experienced personal trainer in Sarasota to guide you with workouts. Your workout plan should include cardio, aerobic exercises, resistance training, HIIT training, and Calisthenics.
  3. Make healthy lifestyle choices - Get rid of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption as they can stand in the way of attaining your goal weight. Ensure that you get enough sleep, eat a balanced meal, and engage in yoga/mindful meditation sessions to improve your overall wellness.

For his highly effective fitness workouts, call David Virkus today at 941-720-4006 or write to us at strengthandmovementsrq@gmail.com. David at Strength and Movement is a seasoned personal trainer in Sarasota, and he can help you improve flexibility, stamina, core strength, and lose excess body fat.

personal trainer Sarasota
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personal trainer Sarasota personal trainer Sarasota
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