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At Socacize Fitness, we believe that life is not all about work. You must find time to take care of you. Below is information about Joanne Dominico – A positive soul, advocate for holistic wellness and also believes in self-care.

Joanne Dominico is a Learning Strategist and Academic Success Coach on a mission to help students of all age’s master techniques for more efficient and effective learning. With over 20 years of experience working in diverse educational environments in the Greater Toronto Area, USA, and Bermuda, the self-proclaimed “Study Skills Ninja” now lends her expertise to Centennial College located in Toronto, Canada. Through her personal practice, “Study with Joanne” she offers educational, lifestyle and wellness consulting and group workshops to those seeking to enhance their learning capabilities, increase their productivity and overall quality of life. Joanne, a holistic wellness advocate and a certified group fitness instructor, encourages individuals to take care of their bodies in order to optimize their brains. With a TEDx Talk under her belt, Joanne is proven to be an engaging and dynamic public speaker. She speaks to research that confirms the correlation between healthy habits and overall wellness while highlighting the many ways taking care of yourself can help people to be more resilient academically and in life. Yearly, Joanne delivers 100+ workshops where she shares helpful tips and tricks on topics such as time management, test preparation, work/life balance, making healthy choices and much more. Joanne’s mission is to help others LEARN to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

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