A Guide to Soca Dance Exercises & What to Expect From a Socacize Class

The popular genre of Soca is a combination of calypso and Caribbean soul music. The strong horns, drums, and steel pan generate the feeling of being at the famous West Indies carnival celebrations, and you just can’t help but move your body to the rhythm. These up-tempo beats & rhythms from the Caribbean islands have been synchronized with various exercise moves to form a new fresh way to stay fit – a Soca dance workout.

Socacize was founded in 2011 (in Canada) by Ayanna Lee-Rivears, a Trinidadian dancer & instructor. The dance class and studio are available in various locations in Canada, and experienced dance instructors teach Socacize classes in Canada and the Caribbean islands. Indeed, Socacize classes create an environment that’s interactive and supportive to the participants to achieve their fitness goals.

What is Soca dance?

Soca dance workout combines the Soca music genre with exercises, popularly known as Socacize, and gets you physically active to a sound you know best. The concept for both high-aerobic and low-aerobic workout sessions is instructed to Caribbean-based music. With various holidays and live concerts approaching, dance instructors encourage you to enjoy dance fitness classes to get ready for the upcoming celebrations and achieve other fitness goals.

Is the Soca dance experience different from Zumba?

Socacize shares a few aspects in common with Zumba, a popular Latin-music-inspired dance workout. However, there are specific differences between Socacize and Zumba dance sessions. For instance, a Socacize dance program strictly uses Caribbean-inspired music while Zumba dance sessions use Latin-based music – though nowadays, most Zumba dance workout videos use urban music and different genres of music.

Also, Socacize is often offered in specific dance classes intended to keep the participants engaged with an hour workout divided into various sessions. These Caribbean dance classes usually combine Caribbean dance & fitness moves, unlike most Zumba dance workout videos you may have seen online.

Note that there are four distinct Caribbean Soca dance party options that form the foundation of effective Soca dance for beginners. These include cardio Soca Jam, Bacchanal Warm-Up, Wine & Tone, and Groovy Stretch. Generally, Socacize is fun and a unique dance form in the dance industry. The dance styles are unique, and you may never know what you’re likely to get unless you walk into our dance studio.

Why take Soca dance fitness classes?

Combining the Soca dance routines and common exercises, a single Socacize session offers an intense body cardio dance workout. It’s like a single workout session that involves various phases. For instance, the Bacchanal Warm-Up is about slow-paced stretching, while the cardio Soca Jam involves various dance moves to fast-paced Soca songs (a high-energy Caribbean dance workout). The Wine & Tone is a toning-focused session, and finally, the groovy stretch finishes off the entire workout session with slow Caribbean music.

That means nearly every part of your body is worked out through a combination of dance moves and Caribbean dance rhythms. With the Cardio Jam session, you work out every muscle in your body, while with the Wine & Tone session, you focus on the abdominal muscles. Socacize participants enjoy the unique and positive environment that Socacize creates at the end of the day.

Final thoughts

Socacize is performed all over Canada and across the Caribbean region, showcasing the exciting energy and unique flair to all workout enthusiasts. It’s more than just a fitness class – it is a new, positive, and amazing experience that creates the sense of freedom that dancing usually brings. Besides, it creates the opportunity to improve your overall lifestyle through dance and music.