This 25 minute work out gets your heart pumping and your body moving, and is a great introduction to the Socacize method.


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Socacize Slang

Our dance workout is a blend of cultures that uses Caribbean moves, music and slang. If you’re new to the scene, here are a few handy definitions.



Pronounced [soh-kah-size]. Socacize combines “Soca” and “exercise” to build a fun new word and an even more exciting dance fitness experience.



A mash up of “Soul of Calypso”, Soca is a type of music from Trinidad that features fast beats and includes a range of Afro-Caribbean music styles.



When a crowd goes wild at a concert, party or a Socacize class.



A form of dance that involves gyrating the hips. It can be slow or fast, but it must always be sexy.



A fête is a party, though the ones we like best happen during Carnival season.


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