A Beginner’s Guide to Soca Dance Exercise Classes

There is something about those sweet Soca vibes that has you moving without even trying. The allure evokes an unconscious wiggle of your hips, and next thing you know you’re sweating on the and the dance party has begun and the dance floor is where ever you are. Now, imagine, all of those island vibes meshed with a fitness class that will help you achieve your fitness goals. We’ve got good news, Soca cardio workouts are exactly what you need to stay motivated and leave your worries behind and enjoy. The siren’s call of Soca music creates an environment that is truly good vibes only, whether you have dance experience or you’re a total beginner, by the end of class your entire body will be feeling it. Let the Soca music take you away (and closer to your fitness goals). 

We all know the feeling of dragging ourselves to the gym, to lift some weights or walk on the treadmill. You’re listening to music, and that song (we all know that song!) comes on. It takes everything in you not to bust a wine right there in the middle of the gym.The inner struggle every time you’re headed to do a workout may not be because you don’t like working out,  but maybe the way you’re working out. With the millions of ways to get active, there is no reason you have to do the one (or five) things you don’t like. Allow your workout to be your escape, and a time to take care of your body and your mind. Soca workout classes allow you to embrace that desire to wine, and create a Soca Dance Party wherever you are. Socacize classes are non-judgemental and available to anyone who wants to raise their heart-rate and have a good time doing it. 

Let’s be honest, walking on the treadmill is alright, but definitely not a good time. And if it is not a good time, it’s going to be much more difficult to feel excited or motivated to keep doing it. Part of achieving your health goals is about enjoying what you’re doing. In a Socacize class, not only will you benefit from an intense Soca cardio workout, but also you will enjoy yourself. We create space for mental and physical well-being. 

Look, we are just going to come right out and say it: Socacize classes are the best Soca dance classes for beginners, or the seasoned Reveler, and we haven’t even got to the best part. When we said this class is for anyone, we meant anyone. Whether you live in the Greater Toronto Area or in Remote Switzerland, you can take a Soca cardio class. We introduced virtual workout classes that bring the party (and the sweat) to your living room. Physical locations are available and an excellent opportunity to embrace those sweet island vibes and build a community. Find a physical location for Soca dance classes near me.

The most important part of about deciding to join a Soca cardio class is having the right mindset and allowing yourself to invest that time back into your well being. No stress and no pressure. The  perfect recipe for staying committed to your wellness journey.


What else should I know? 

Socacize classes are a “feel-happy” dance fitness workout available to any fitness level. We offer adult dance classes, and children classes. The intensity level of the class is completely up to you and comparable to Zumba Classes. This cardiovascular exercise is a fun-loving, insanely addictive dance workout. Our 30-Minute Dance Cardio classes offer an apartment-friendly routine that is the ultimate combination of fun and effort to get your heart rate pumping. 

Our online dance workouts are a full body workout to upbeat music to increase your energy level and support your mental health.

Socacize Fitness is a creative blend of authentic Caribbean and African dance techniques, in harmony with effective fitness moves.

Online classes and physical locations are available. 

Our Dance Instructors are passionate and professional and on a mission to empower every Reveler to positively impact their mental, social and physical being through the F.L.A.U.N.T lifestyle. 

What should I wear?

Our cardio dance classes are a safe space and we encourage our Revelers to wear what makes them feel comfortable.  Athletic wear is encouraged, but anything you would feel comfortable doing an dance cardio class in will work.

Are dance workouts effective?

With its one-of-a-kind workouts – signature Socacize Jam Sessions, two-hour Bootcamps, Weights ‘Wine’ & Tone, and Socacize Kidz – Socacize Fitness sets a platform for all ages and fitness levels to benefit from a fun-filled, total-body workout that burns up to 1,000 calories per hour. Build muscle strength and get your heart rate pumping. Our dance-inspired workouts are an excellent way to maintain heart health. Whether you’re taking our online dance classes or joining a dance studio near you, enjoy muscle conditioning,  aerobic dancing and a fun-loving, insanely addictive dance workout.